Pencader History Quiz

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  • Who Was Franklin Eastburn?

  • Where Did Head of Christiana Presbyterian Church Get Its Name?

  • Who is Chief Quiet Thunder?

  • Before it was a museum, what was the purpose of Pencader’s building?

  • What years were Patton army tanks built in Newark?

  • How many troops did the British land near present day Elkton, MD prior to the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge?

  • Who were the WASPS of WW II?

  • In what order did the original 13 states ratify the US Constitution?

  • Do you know which Hundred you live in?

  • Where did British commander Lord Howe live for five days after the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge?

  • Which was the 48th state to join the union?

  • What was University of Delaware called before it was the U/D?

  • When was the Stars and Stripes first authorized by Congress?

  • What was the date of Battle of Cooch’s Bridge?

  • What were the years of our 2nd war with England before they were convinced we meant to be a sovereign nation?

  • Why is Delaware called The First State?

  • How many “hundreds” in Delaware?

  • How many “hundreds” in New Castle County?

  • When did New Castle/Frenchtown Railroad open?

  • Is Delaware north or south of Mason/Dixon Line?

  • What does Pencader mean?

  • Is Iron Hill the highest spot in Delaware?

  • Why is Iron Hill so named?

  • Who are the Welsh and why did they come here?

  • What is Welsh Tract and were is it located?

  • How did Delaware get its name?

  • What is a Hundred?

  • What are the Delaware Historic Markers?

  • What was the New Castle and Frenchtown Railroad?

  • What is the Mason-Dixon line?

  • Is it spelled Christiana or Christina?

  • Does anyone live in the Cooch house?

  • Is the Cooch house open to the public?

  • Where are the soldiers who were killed in the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge buried?

  • Is metal detecting allowed on the battlefield?

  • Are there ghosts in the mill or museum?

  • Where do we get all the artifacts displayed in the museum?