The first 25 who complete the Treasure Hunt
will win a FREE Delaware History Book.

Here’s How:
  • Visit each of the nearby locations
  • Enter the code found at each location in the appropriate box below
  • Bring this completed card to the final location during open times.
  • Choose your free book from this selection (as supplies last).
Visit all eight locations to obtain the secret code. Codes are on a brass plate on one of the signs at each location. The codes contain 2 numbers. The first number is the sequence and the second number is the code you will need to complete the hunt.
Print this page, or click here for a printer friendly version, in order to record the codes next to the appropriate GPS coordinates. When you find all eight codes, visit the final location to claim your prize. As a special bonus, the first person of those completing the hunt, to guess the significance of the code will win a grand prize.
There are no costs or obligations to anyone participating in this "Treasure Hunt". Prizes are from a selection of Delaware history books kept at the Museum and will be awarded to each of those sucessfully completing the "Treasure Hunt" and submitting the correctly completed card to the Museum Curator while supplies last ( at least 25) - one per family or group. The Pencader Heritage Area Association has provided this "Treasure Hunt" for fun and entertaiment purposes only and assumes no liability for anyone participating. It may be discontinued at any time at the discrestion of PHAA.
Good Luck ! Happy Hunting !

Click here
for a printer
friendly version
#GPS LocationCode
139.60768, -75.72684
239.60825, -75.73617
339.64106, -75.73242
439.63942, -75.75574
539.63907, -75.75619
639.65393, -75.77018
739.63970, -75.72959
839.63967, -75.72994

Remember the code consists of only one number.
Enter that number in the proper "code" box

For example if the brass plate contained:
"PHAA 8-6", you would enter only the "6" in the "code" box to the right of #8

Note! It is NOT necessary to visit the locations in order,
but codes must be obtained from each location

Bring your completed card here:
39.63964, -75.72966

Need hints?
Click on the GPS Location for more information.

Don't have a GPS or a smartphone?