History Quiz
Where is Pencader Hundred

Multiple Choice

Question 1.) What is a "Hundred" ?
  1. a piece of land just big enough to be covered by a hundred sheepskins
  2. a section of land big enough for a hundred families to live on
  3. a piece of land large enough to provide a hundred men to serve in wartime
  4. a political subdivision
Question 2.) Pencader Hundred contains:
  1. 29,000 acres
  2. 15,000 acres
  3. 45 square miles
Question 3.) The northern boundary of Pencader Hundred is:
  1. the southern boundary of Newark
  2. Interstate 95
  3. approximately 100 yards north of the train station on South College Avenue
Question 4.) The southern boundary of Pencader Hundred is:
  1. the C & D Canal
  2. 1 ½ miles south of the C & D Canal
Question 5.) The western boundary of Pencader Hundred is
  1. the Delaware/Maryland state line
  2. Route 896
Question 6.) At the time of the Revolutionary War Delaware was still a part of:
  1. Maryland
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. New Jersey
Question 7.) The name Pencader means:
  1. head chair
  2. highest seat
  3. all of the above
Question 8.) The word “Pencader” is of:
  1. Welsh origin
  2. German origin
  3. Indian origin
  4. Dutch origin
Question 9.) The Pencader Presbyterian Church was once used as a:
  1. hospital for British troops
  2. a coach stop on the New Castle & Frenchtown Turnpike
  3. a meeting house for prohibition supporters
  4. none of the above
Question 10.) Pencader Hundred was established in:
  1. 1701
  2. 1722
  3. 1710
The Pencader Heritage Area Association would like to offer a special thank you to Marcia Adams for her ideas for the History's Mysteries Section of the Web Site and for preparing and editing these questions.
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