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Abstract of British Newspaper Article
Saturday December 6, 1777

Copy of letter from General Sir William Howe, to Lord George Germain, dated Head Quarters Germantown, October 10th, 1777.

In my last dispatch on the 30th of August I had the honor to advise your Lordship of the army having landed on the west side of Elk River and of its being afterwards divided into two columns; one under the command of Lord Cornwallis at the head of Elk, and the other commanded by Lieutenant General Knyphausen at Cecil-Court House: I am therefore to give your Lordship an account of the operations from that period, wherein will be included two general actions, in both of which I have the satisfaction to promise that success has attended his Majesty's arms.
On the 3rd of September, Major General Grant with six battalions remaining at the head of Elk to preserve the communication with the fleet, the two columns join at Pencadder, (sic) laying four miles to the eastward of Elk, on the road to Christien Bridge. In this days march the Hessian and Anspach Chaffeurs, and the second battalion of light infantry, who were at the head of Lord Cornwallis' column, fell in with a chosen corp of 1,000 men from the enemy's army, advantageously posted in the woods, which they defeated with the loss of only two officers wounded, 3 men killed, and 19 wounded, when that of the enemy was not less than 50 killed and many more wounded.