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Our Board
Robert Barnes
William Conley
Linda Duffy
Keith Jackson
E. Lowell Jacobs
Ray Johnson
James Lee
John Slack
James Stone
Barbara White
Edward Wirth
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Members of our Advisory Board
Wade Catts
Gail Chickersky
Richard Cooch
Geraldine Dorman
Donna Draper
Trudy Gilgenast
Robert W. Gore
Hon. David Tackett
Brig. Gen. Kennard R. Wiggins, Jr.,
    DE ANG (Ret.)
Our Mission
  • To provide an enriched educational program about the Pencader Area
  • To preserve open spaces, green ways, and historically significant parcels, artifacts and buildings
  • To attract people to Pencader Hundred and other history-rich sites in the Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania areas.
Brochure Goals