We at PHAA are proud of accomplishing our goal of informing and educating the public about the rich history of our area. To be recognized for this achievement is an honor; and we would like to share these awards with you.
From: National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
Dated January 19, 2013

Recognition for "exemplary volunteer work in the area of Historic Preservation... instrumental in preserving the site of the state's only Revolutionary War battlefield"

From: Newark Historical Society
May 2013

Bob Barnes, Pencader Museum's curator, was honored by the Newark Historical Society recently with an award for his efforts in Historical Preservation. Bob is the talented and dedicated designer-builder of all the displays at Pencader and is constantly working to improve and keep fresh our exhibits.
A retired Newark police officer, Bob wrote History of the Newark Police Department and co-authored a number of books including Press, Politics and Perseverance, a biography of Everett C. Johnson founder of the Newark Post.

From: Delaware Public Archives
Dated April 15, 2011

Recognition to our curator, Bob Barnes, for his donation to the Delaware Public Archives of an original 1776 document signed by John Hancock that was sent to the Delaware Assembly from the Continental Congress.

From: The State of Delaware General Assembly
Dated June 12, 2010

Our Annual Flag Retirement Ceremony is an event in which we take great pride. Since 1777, Delawareans have staunchly fought and died to protect our freedom. It is important to PHAA that we continue to honor these heroes. The 145th General Assembly of the State of Delaware has recognized our efforts by presenting PHAA with this special tribute.

From: New Castle County Council
Dated September 25th, 2007
This award from the New Castle County Council is especially significant because it recognizes our mission to interact with other organizations in order to “spread the word” about the history of the Pencader Hundred. Sharing this history is one of our goals. We hope you will visit the Pencader Heritage Museum and come to our events in order to learn more about what happened right in our neighborhood.

From: The New Castle County Executive
Dated September 5, 2008

New Castle County Executive Chris Coons presented this award to PHAA on behalf of the citizens of New Castle County in recognition of our efforts “in preserving open spaces, green ways and historically significant parcels, artifacts and buildings.” We were also pleased that in his remarks he mentioned several of our annual projects such as Family Fun Day and our Signage Program, which commemorates the early history of Pencader Hundred. Signage can be found in several parks throughout the Pencader Hundred, including Iron Hill Park and the Cooch/Dayett Mills property. Also noted in this tribute is our annual Battlefield Memorial Ceremony, in which we honor all military veterans dating back to 1777. For more information on these events, visit the photo gallery link on this website.

From: Cub Scout Pack 1777
Dated March 29, 2008

We are proud to be the original sponsor of Cub Scout Pack 1777 and appreciate their acknowledgement of our assistance. We take great pride in reaching out to the young people of the Pencader Hundred.