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(not reproductions) of the following prominent people.


Most of these autographs were collected in the early 1930s by James B. Hardwick, then 14 years old. Mr. Hardwick died in 1998. Other specimens are from the Cooch Family papers. To see the actual signatures and biographies of those personalities who replied to Mr. Hardwick's request come to the Pencader Heritage Museum. The entire collection is on loan from the estate of Virginia Cooch Hardwick.

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Charles F. AdamsSecretary of Navy
Louis D. BrandeisSupreme Court Justice
C. Douglass BuckGovernor - Delaware
Pierce ButlerSupreme Court Justice
Harry T. ByrdUS Senate-Virginia
Homer E. CapehartUS Senate- Indiana
Benjamin CardozaSupreme Court Justice
Roy ChapinSecretary of Labor
Calvin CoolidgeUS President
Homer CummingsUS Attorney General
Josephus DanielsSecretary of Navy
Charles DawesUS Vice President.
George H. DernSecretary of War
W. N. DoakSecretary of Labor
James FarleyPostmaster General US
John N. GarnerUS Vice President
Daniel O. HastingsUS Senate Delaware
Charles E. HughesSupreme Court Justice
Cordell HullSecretary of State
Arthur W. HydeSecretary of Agriculture
Harold L. IckesSecretary of Interior
Philip F. LaFollettGovernor Wisconsin
Herbert LehmanGovernor
Huey P. LongGovernor
Jno. S. Mosby, Jr.US Senate Virginia
W. G. McAdooSecretary of Treasury
J. C. McReynoldsSupreme Court Justice
Ogden MillsSecretary of Treasury
William D. MitchellUS Attorney General
William A. MoffettMedal of Honor US Navy
A. Harry MooreGovernor - New Jersey
William H. MurrayGovernor - Oklahoma
Clifford PinchotGovernor - Pennsylania
John G. PollardGovernor - Virginia
Henry T. RaineySpeaker of US House
Robert R. ReynoldsUS Senate North Carolina
Albert C. RitchieGovernor Maryland
Owen J. RobertsSupreme Court Justice
Joseph T. RobinsonUS Senate Arkansas
Will RogersEntertainer
James Rolph Jr.Entertainer
Franklin D. RooseveltGovernor - New York
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.Governor General of Philippines
Daniel C. RoperSecretary of Commerce
Henry L. StimsonSecretary of State
Harlan F. StoneSupreme Court Justice
George SutherlandSupreme Court Justice
Claude SwansonSecretary of Navy
Frank SparksMayor Wilmington
Henry A. WallaceSecretary of Agriculture
Ray L. WilburSecretary of Interior